Metaphysical Causes of Psychological Sickness!

Annually I really feel my profession has developed as I’ve had the chance to conduct extra analysis, meet extra individuals and have had extra private experiences. And I imagine that must be the case with any skilled; The extra , the extra you develop! Nonetheless, I notice not all medical or healthcare professionals care to get out of their consolation zone and look to different medication for solutions. As Abraham Maslow so aptly acknowledged, “When the one instrument you’ve in your instrument bag is a hammer, all the things seems like a nail.”

My profession began in science schooling, which I imagine gave me a wonderful basis for doing analysis and making conclusions primarily based on information. This basis aided my research in psychology the place I appeared into physiological causes of psychological problems. Nonetheless, I imagine my “private breakthroughs” got here once I was drawn into the Metaphysical and New Age thought worlds.

My background in drawing conclusions primarily based analysis and information is what I relied on when on when my spouse, Mary was listening to voices, seeing “spirits” and having bodily signs that had been unexplained. We first tried to “clarify” her bodily signs of lack of vitality, dry pores and skin, canker sores and emotions of pulsating vitality in numerous elements of her physique by trendy medication. Nonetheless, each medical check she underwent got here again completely regular. Docs couldn’t discover any rational or medical causes for her signs. No gastro-intestinal abnormalities, no allergy symptoms, no detectable pathogens, Mary ought to have been the image of well being, however she was getting sicker! And so far as seeing vitality and listening to voices their resolution was to analysis her as delusional and put her closely sedated in a psyche ward. So, after two years of exploring medical solutions, and getting none, we started wanting into “Non-traditional” medication. This led us on a 5 12 months journey across the nation that did the truth is give us solutions.

The solutions went far past my spouse’s bodily illnesses. The solutions we discovered included some primary questions I had all my life like; Is there a spirit dimension? What occurs to us after we die? What’s the function of life? And, Why are we right here? We had been led to the causes and cures for her bodily signs. Solutions to what she was seeing and listening to, and led into worlds we by no means meant on exploring!

My analysis included wanting into historic information, world-wide cross-cultural stories, stories from the previous one-hundred years, theories in quantum physics from the previous one-hundred years and private interviews with shamans, gentle employees and psychics from across the nation.

This all led me to type the next conclusions;

• Consciousness can exist exterior the physique (evidenced by Out-of-Physique Experiences (OBE’s), Close to-Dying Experiences (NDE’s), Reincarnation, Physic phenomenon, and Quantum physics).

• Our consciousness (or soul) is everlasting.

• The Spirit Dimension exists; there isn’t any “Heaven” or “Hell.”

• Decrease vibrational “trapped” spirits can have an effect on us in life, known as entity attachments, inflicting psychological points like anxiousness, melancholy, substance abuse and schizophrenia.

• We incarnate to this life to be taught, and develop our soul.

• The challenges in life are positioned by us to be able to be taught (have completely different experiences) and overcome obstacles we positioned in our life (develop our soul).

• We journey with the identical soul group to be able to obtain our “Earth targets.”

The above views could appear controversial or revolutionary for people that haven’t been uncovered to Metaphysics, New Age, or Spirituality. However I used to be led to those beliefs by analysis, information and private expertise. As a psychologist and former science instructor it has led me to alter my views on the causes of psychological sickness. Previous to Mary’s experiences and my analysis, I appeared for physiological causes similar to dietary deficiencies as to the reason for psychological problems. Nonetheless, I now imagine that almost all psychological problems similar to anxiousness, melancholy, Bipolar Dysfunction and Schizophrenia are brought on by damaging vitality attachments.

These attachments are referred all through historical past (going again to pre-historic occasions) as entity possession. That is what Mary skilled. That is what precipitated her each psychological and bodily sickness. And when these damaging entities had been launched from her she was cured. Shamans and lightworkers (vitality healers) did what “trendy medication” couldn’t. She is an image of well being right this moment and never on any drugs. Her experiences led her to check vitality therapeutic strategies herself of Reflexology, Reiki and Reconnective Therapeutic.

You could be asking (which was my query additionally) “How have you learnt these healings from shamans did not simply treatment her as a result of she believed in them? Resembling within the ‘placebo impact’?” To start with, she nor I “believed” in such healings. Mary was a monetary supervisor and I had a background in science. Neither of us had been uncovered to or had any prior expertise with vitality healers, shamans, or Metaphysics. However with every vitality therapeutic, Mary acquired higher. So started my analysis into the New Age and Metaphysical World.

My principal analysis query was after all, “What’s inflicting her to be sick?” and, “Is entity possession actual?” This led me to analysis the my principal premise, can consciousness exist exterior the physique? As I acknowledged above my conclusion (primarily based on analysis and private experiences) was that YES consciousness CAN exist exterior the physique! In Mary’s case these dis-embodied entities the place attacking her inflicting her bodily illnesses and her melancholy. After they had been launched from her, she acquired higher! Simply because the entity attachments had been constructed up over a number of years, it took years earlier than she was completely cleared.

After we show that consciousness can exist exterior the physique (as I imagine now we have), we PROVE that:

*OBE’s and NDE’s are actual.

*Our acutely aware vitality (souls) don’t die when the bodily physique does.

*Our acutely aware vitality can return in different earthly incarnations (proves reincarnation).

*The spirit dimension does exist (that is the place our acutely aware vitality is).

*Disembodied spirits can have an effect on the dwelling (entity possession), inflicting each bodily and psychological sickness.

One other New age idea is that “all the things occurs for a cause,” and the happenings that had been skilled, that we now time period “divine happenings,” we imagine occurred in order that we may also help others. My background in science and psychology, my spouse’s sickness and “psychotic” experiences, all led us on this divine journey that not solely cured my spouse, led her to be a healer, however answered a few of our primary questions on the causes of psychological sickness, and the aim of life! It additionally gave us a function on this life, to assist others perceive and treatment psychological sickness and perceive the aim of life on Earth as nicely!